Palliative Care Volunteers

What is a Palliative Care Volunteer?

… someone special who listens, who cares, who spends time with you

… someone who has experienced loss in their own life.

Palliative Care Volunteers are trained to offer companionship and support at home, in hospital or extended care facilities, to individuals and families living with a chronic or life threatening illness. We work with other caregivers to provide active, compassionate care when the goal is not cure.

There is no charge for this service

What does a Palliative Care Volunteer do?

  • Listen
  • Helps individuals and families maintain meaning and satisfaction in daily life
  • Relieves care givers for short periods of time
  • Provides and shares in activities like music, reading, walks, etc.
  • Is simply there


Hospital patients or long-term care residents:

Volunteers can visit any patient or resident experiencing a chronic or life-threatening illness. This includes staying with patients whose families are reluctant to leave them alone, in order to allow family members time for other activities, and sitting with those who are very ill or in the last days of life.


If you think we can be of service to you or your loved one, just ask the nursing staff to contact us.

We are not human beings on a spiritual journey, we are spiritual beings on a human journey


We gratefully accept donations to help our local communities carry on the work of the program. Donations remain in the local community, and are used for such things as books and other resources for clients, families and caregivers, educational opportunities for volunteers, and special project to improve end-of-life care in the community.

Kenora District Palliative Care Volunteers

Regional Coordinator

1220 Valley Drive

Kenora, Ontario P9N 2W7



What Clients Say:

My volunteer is the best present you have given me.

long-term care facility resident


The volunteer gave me peace of mind; I could leave mother and know someone was with her.

daughter of hospital patient

Don’t walk ahead of me,

I may not follow.

Don’t walk behind me,

I may not lead.

Just walk beside me

And be my friend.