Dryden Extended Care Organization (DECO)


In 1980 the local accommodation of seniors requiring long term care became apparent with the local hospital being overwhelmed with the beds available to meet this need. A committee was struck at this time to review the potential for the development of long term accommodation for seniors.

As time passed, efforts to lobby and raise funds for the establishement of beds to accommodate long term care clients increase. In February 1981 the Extended Care Organization (E.C.O.) was formed which consisted of 81 members. With donations adding up, E.C.O. applied for and obtained registration as a Charitable Organization. E.C.O. evolved afterward to D.E.C.O. providing identification of Dryden as the host community for development.

E.C.O. was instrumental, through lobbying efforts, in the development and dedication of 20 beds in the Dryden Hospital for patients requiring long term care. Over time, E.C.O.’s efforts were again successful seeing the development and construction of Patricia Gardens Minimal Care Home. With shifting demographics of Dryden and surrounding communities, along with government evolution, it was soon identified that the development of a long term care home was a priority.

With twenty years of lobbying and fundraising efforts undertaken, in 2000 a 65 bed Long Term Care home was constructed and realized in Dryden (Princess Court). A thirty-two bed addition was then completed in 2006.

Who We Are

We are a group of dedicated men and women who willingly give ourselves to realize a better place for the Residents to live. As volunteers our primary goal is to raise funds and support ongoing efforts to enhance the lives of the residents within the home. Fundraising efforts include receipt of donations, operation of the Tuck Shop including provision of home baked goods, and miscellaneous sales including vending machine and donated items. The monthly birthday parties and weekly sing along are a couple of activities facilitated by the volunteers which the residents enjoy. New members who wish to give their time, talents, and energy to support the residents are always welcome to become involved.

For additional information, please contact Inge Desautels, Chairperson at 223-6243.


Donations are used to enhance the live of the residents we serve. Donations are gratefully accepted and can be dropped off at Princess Court or mailed to DECO c/o Princess Court, P.O. Box 725, Dryden, ON, P8N 2Z4. Cheques can be made payable to Dryden Extended Care Organization.


In addition to the realization of local services for the accommodation of citizens requiring long term care, recent initiatives include provision of activity room televisions, court yard enhancements/structures, home furnishings, dining room chair replacements, adjustable tables and radio communication systems to enhance response times for staff providing care.