Personal Care Services

We believe that enhancing the quality of life of each individual person is very important. Every effort is made to ensure that the resident’s individual physical, psychosocial and spiritual needs are considered.

This is accomplished through the availability of a variety of programs and services provided by a multidisciplinary team.


Hair Salon

Hairdressing and barber services are available. Appointments can be made with the hairdresser while they are in the salon.  Appointments are recommended to avoid disappointment. Please inform the nurse on the unit of scheduled appointment time. Northwood Lodge does not have formal hairdressing services, although does have a hairdressing salon for use of families or service providers.



Housekeeping is provided regularly throughout the home(s) and encompasses all resident areas as well as public spaces. Deep cleaning is done on an annual basis and more frequently if necessary.


Infection Control

Hand washing: Frequent and appropriate hand washing is the single most important means of preventing the spread of infection. All residents, visitors, volunteers and staff are asked to wash their hands upon entering the home, during resident contact and when leaving the building.



Visitors are asked not to visit if they are feeling ill or have traveled to a country where an outbreak of a communicable illness is occurring.  If there are a number of residents who are ill at one time, the facility works with the Northwestern Health Unit to take appropriate action to reduce the chance of spreading the infection. This may include limiting or cancelling visitation in the home.



The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Northwestern Health Unit and communicable disease surveillance protocols recommends pneumococcal immunization, tetanus booster immunization and annual influenza immunization of residents in long-term care facilities. The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care requires mandatory tuberculosis/mantoux screening of all new admissions.  The Registered Nurse provides these services in the home.



Laundry service is provided on site (6 days/week) for facility-owned linen (towels, sheets, etc.) and resident personal laundry. Residents and families may choose to launder the residents’ clothing themselves. Public laundry machines are available.


All personal clothing and bedding must be labeled with the resident’s name. Clothing that is brought into the home before, during and after admission should be labeled before it is used.   The laundry department provides labeling of personal clothing and clothing labeling bin or bag is available for drop off with the nursing station or main office. The laundry department, for retrieval by the resident or family, will keep unmarked clothing. Laundry is done in industrial washers and dryers. The home does not provide clothing repair, clothing alterations, specialized washing or dry cleaning service; however the services may be available from external service providers. Please contact the department manager for home specific details.


Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services provide a safe, pleasing and functional environment both inside the facility and on the grounds.  The homes take pride in their cleanliness and staff strives to provide comfort and safety for all residents and visitors.


Supplies and Equipment

Medical supplies and equipment necessary for the care of residents are provided.  These may include items for the prevention of care of skin disorders, continence care, catheters, infection control, sterile products, colostomy and ileostomy devices. Personal care supplies for hygiene and grooming including skin care lotion and powder, shampoo, soap, denture cups and cleansers, toilet tissue, facial tissue and shaving cream are also provided although residents may make arrangements with family to bring in their own preferred alternative hygiene products. General use equipment including toilet aids and other self-help aids may be included.


Tuck Shop

A tuck shop is established in each home and is operated by volunteers. The volunteers enrich the quality of life for the residents immensely by donating funds to purchase many items for the home and by providing countless hours of dedicated volunteer service. At Northwood Lodge the Recreation department provides a cart with items available for purchase once per week.

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