Kenora District Homes recognizes the unique aspects of each resident and we are committed to providing care and services that foster a culture of autonomy, diversity, and individual choice. The following list of services and programs are delivered with this philosophy in mind.


The following list provides information about the goods and services included in basic or preferred accommodation:


  • Nursing and personal care on a 24-hour basis, the administration of medications, and assistance with activities of daily living
  • Medical care and restorative care as available in the home
  • Certain medical supplies and nursing equipment that are necessary for the care of the resident
  • Supplies and equipment for personal hygiene and grooming
  • Certain equipment for the short-term use of the resident
  • Meal service, hydration and meals (three meals daily, snacks between meals and at bedtime), special and therapeutic diets, dietary supplements and devices enabling residents to eat with minimum assistance
  • Social, recreational, spiritual and physical activities and programs
  • Laundry, including labelling
  • Bedroom furnishings, bedding and linen
  • Cleaning and upkeep of accommodations
  • Maintenance of a trust account on the resident’s behalf
  • Information package for residents
  • Prescription pharmaceutical preparations listed in the Ontario Drug Benefit Formulary (the government requires residents to pay a small co-payment)
  • Special preparations or medical devices that may be obtained from the Ontario Drug Benefit Program as interim non-formulary benefit
  • Insured devices, equipment, supplies and services that are available to the resident through certain programs, such as the Ontario Assistive Devices Program (the government covers part of this cost and residents must pay the rest)
  • Non-prescription drugs, medication and treatment products, and supplies obtained through Ontario Government Pharmaceutical and Medical Supply Services upon request


Note: The Resident (or Power of Attorney for Property/ Guardian/ Trustee on behalf of the Resident) may purchase additional goods and services from the Home under a separate “Purchase of Service Agreement”.



Every licensee of a long-term care home shall ensure that either a physician or a registered nurse in the extended class,

  1. conducts a physical examination of each resident upon admission and an annual physical examination annually thereafter, and produces a written report of the findings of the examination;
  2. attends regularly at the home to provide services, including assessments; and
  3. participates in the provision of after-hours coverage and on-call coverage.

The resident or the resident’s substitute decision-maker may retain a physician or registered nurse in the extended class to perform the services required under a, b, and c above.


The Medical Director is available to all residents. A resident may choose to retain their own physician provided the physician has agreed to provide services in the home and has signed an Attending Physician Agreement with the home.



91. (1) A licensee shall not charge a resident for anything, except in accordance with the following:

  1. For basic accommodation, a resident shall not be charged more than the amount provided for in the regulations for the accommodation provided.
  2. For preferred accommodation, a resident shall not be charged more than can be charged for basic accommodation in accordance with paragraph 1 unless the preferred accommodation was provided under an agreement, in which case the resident shall not be charged more than the amount provided for in the regulations for the accommodation provided.
  3. For anything other than accommodation, a resident shall be charged only if it was provided under an agreement and shall not be charged more than the amount provided for in the regulations, or, if no amount is provided for, more than a reasonable amount.
  4. Despite paragraph 3, a resident shall not be charged for anything that the regulations provide is not to be charged for. 2007, c. 8, s. 91 (1).


Purchase of Service Agreement

Care, services, programs or goods beyond that required by the Long Term Care Act may be purchased from other providers. These are subject to any restrictions by the licensee and/or the regulations. In order for the resident to purchase goods and services from the home there must be a signed and certified agreement for those goods and services and the resident will only be charged when the goods and services are provided. Further, non-Ontario Drug Benefit (ODB) or alternative medicines that are not covered are to be paid directly by the resident. Residents may purchase goods and services from the Home or a third party by paying for them directly, or by authorizing the Home to deduct payments from the Resident’s trust account. The Purchase of Service Agreement does not apply where a Resident pays a third party directly.


An example of the goods and services available for purchase through the home or from a third party provider are as follows:


Tuck Shop, Recreational Events and Outings (e.g. meals, transportation), Hair Stylist and Barber Services, Cable Television, Telephone Service, Handi-transit, Personal Wheelchair Repair, Advanced Foot Care & Chiropody, Smoking Supplies, Clothing Purchases and repairs, Dry-cleaning Services, Medications, Ostomy Supplies


Note: Charges for the above goods and services are in accordance with the pricing established by the respective service providers.


If a resident wishes telephone service, the resident or family is responsible for arranging and paying for the hook-up. Phones are not provided. If a resident transfers to another room in the home, the fees for moving the telephone are paid for by:

  1. The resident, if the resident requests relocation to a different room.
  2. The home, if the relocation is in order to better meet the resident care requirements.

Basic Television is billed at a reduced rate by the home to those residents who wish it.
Additional services such as a movie channels or sports channels can be arranged by resident or family through Shaw Cable. Televisions are not provided.


Community Services Available By Referral From The Physician Or Registered Nurse


  • Occupational Therapy – for the assessment of function and seating for the purchase of a
    wheelchair and assistive devices
  • Physiotherapy – for assessment of and setting up a personalized exercise program
  • Speech Therapy – individualized speech therapy programs, swallowing assessments and
    swallowing management programs
  • Professional Chiropody
  • Geriatric assessment
  • Social Work
  • Psychogeriatric assessment
  • Referral to other medical specialists